Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pisciculture in New Town

To meet maintenance expenses of Eco Park and other greeneries in New Town, the Board of Hidco approved last Saturday a scheme of pisciculture in New Town. This was based on a Detailed Project Report prepared by Fisher Expert T.K.Giri. Based on studies and scientific analysis of water bodies carried on for a month, the report mentions the following points/ recommendations:

1. There are 70 ha of water bodies in Action Area 1, 88 ha in Action Area 2 and 48 ha in Action Area 3. This includes canals and dehydrated tanks. However some are not fit for fish cultivation right now.
2. Development work is needed in many of these areas to make fish farming effective. Examples: Shaping and embankment, leveling of tank floor, weed clearance etc.
3. Some sporadic fishing activities are already being carried out and needs to be controlled.
 The report recommends that immediate activities may be started in 11 water bodies in an area of about 100ha.  The ensuing production will be able to cater to 87% of New Town's fish demand within 3 years. The invested capital will also be recovered in three years or less.

We have decided to continue the engagement of Shri Giri to take the project forward.
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


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  2. I am very excited to hear about the pisciculture initiative. From AA-IIC, we either have Baguiati market or local vendors as option. The local vendors don't always have the fresh stocks.

    Just one question, is the Arsenic content of NewTown water bodies well within limit? Please consider that as well (if not already done) when planning this up. Thanks for the good work!


  3. Another way to generate more revenue for Eco park is to open up the park for morning walkers / joggers. Organize yoga classes / open food court to serve breakfast etc. With the hot muggy weather in Kolkata, morning should be the best time to enjoy the peace / tranquility of Eco park.

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  5. Please introduce "unlimited entry" yearly pass for Eco park, this will generate more revenue.
    Also new generation street advertising can be introduced at some key locations in ecopark as well as near popullated locations and bus stops in newtown, for the same purpose.