Friday, June 13, 2014

Mechanical Sweepers for New Town

With consistent efforts by NKDA's Engineers, we got two mechanical sweepers yesterday. The photos were taken yesterday afternoon:
Large Machine for Major Roads

Smaller Machine for Eco Park Pathways
* * *
Here are two clippings:
Anandabazar dt 12 June 2014

Khabar 365 dt 8th June 2014


  1. Mechanical sweepers is an excellent thing. Lets have dustbins as well at regular intervals at least in the populated areas of new town.

  2. Mechanical road cleaners are very good move. Needed for other areas of Kolkata as well.

  3. Sir, it is good to hear that a North to South road is being built across the state. As I have stated around a year ago, a road like this will eventually turn out to be very beneficial for the state. Good roads are one of the most important infrastructure for the development of a nation. Thats why it is said 'All roads lead to Rome'.
    As for developing roads in and around Kolkata ( also for the whole state) water ways can come as a great help. The Hoogly river can be considered as a wonderful road to travel from North to South and vice versa. Water buses ( water taxi) can be used to ferry people from one place to another. A good start can be made by connecting Howrah to Barrackpore. A lot of people from that area go to Howrah station to catch trains, it will be a boon for them. And if it becomes a success other routes could also be tried, like Sreerampore to Fairly Place. The boats used should be quite fast. There could be long routes with limited stoppages, point to point routes and short routes. This will help people very much and will also be able to ease the pressure on the roads and the railway. I know the government is already thinking in this regard but one start could actually trigger a whole new thing, may be some private players will eventually show some interest.

  4. The mechanical sweepers are great, but currently a lot of roads in action area-I are being encroached upon by dumping / storing construction material for upcoming buildings. This in turn makes the roads more dirty and it would be impossible for the mechanical sweeper to clean up such roads. Therefore, such activity should not be allowed at all and appropriate action taken, such as confiscating any sand / bricks / other materials that are stored on the road.