Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CM takes Core Committee Meeting at Eco Park

As per schedule, Hon'ble Mamata Banerjee went to Eco Park / Eco Island to hold meeting of Core Committee on Industry at the Glass House yesterday. Meeting was scheduled at 4pm but she arrived at 3.30pm. She inspected mango produced by a Self Help Group of Bankura. She travelled across the water on the floating motorised jetty. Before the meeting, she intently looked through the glass walls of the Glass House and inspected Eco Park. A photo:

Admiring the view 
On the occasion of the first meeting of Chief Minister in Eco Island, NKDA had installed a raging bull in front of the gate through which CM entered. A photo by my Sony camera:

Installation completed on 16th June 2014
We were fortunate not to have rains. But the weather was quite hot and humid and uncomfortable. Even then, CM did an end-to-end walk, right till Bnglar Haat.

Here are few press clippings appearing in today's papers:

Anandabazar dt 17.6.2014

The Telegraph dt 17.6.2014
Ei Samay dt 17.6.2014
ToI dt 17.6.2014
ToI dt 17.6.2014
Hindustan Times dt 17.6.2014
Khabar 365 dt 17.6.2014
Khabar 365 dt 17.6.2014
Sanbad Pratidin dt 17.6.2014
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  1. Hello Sir,
    Since this is the only way to share messages with you - thought of asking/requesting you this.

    As we have taken this awesome step of creating an eco-park in New Town, are we doing anything to preserve our priceless Indian Botanical Garden in Shibpur? If not, then can we request our Honbl' CM to rope in some British/European (since it was their inception) experts to revive it to its past glory? It is already there, we just have to revive it. It has the potential to rope in huge tourist footfalls since it is just opposite Kolkata city and easy to commute to. Its better to not rope in local agencies, because they will simply hack trees and concretize in the name of preservation, as they lack the proper outlook to preserve this priceless heritage we already have. Since you have both the position and power, it would be great if you could plead this request to the right channel. Thanks.