Saturday, June 7, 2014

Angling Plans

Sutanu Sen of PMU has just finalised a design for angling decks to be put up in Eco Park lake. The high point is the recommendation for a multipurpose seat that has a stand for keeping a fishing rod and an under-the seat pouch for keeping miscellaneous objects that any angler has to carry. These seats would be removable and issued on rent to a person for day use. Suman Neogy, GM (Engineering) is making estimates for four angling decks for starter. Here is a 3D drawing of the fishing deck:

Design of proposed angling deck in Eco Park
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Today's Mint carries an article on urbanisation saying that Kolkata ranks first in India according to a survey by an NGO Janagraha. I remember Janagraha from my Chief Electoral Officer days when they'd organised a campaign "A Billion Votes" urging students in colleges to enrol. Here are two clippings:

(Top and below) Mint dt 7.6.2014
The following link may also be visited:
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Here are a few other clippings:

Khabar 365 dt 6th June 2014

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  1. Sir it is excellent news that kolkata is getting highlighted after being considered a dead city.Even small cities hydrabad vizag were threat Ing the devolopment of big old city kollata.Thanks to all the officer and policymaker.
    Sir can we dream to have some thing like times square of NYC in and around financial centre which will attract corporate sector to promote product and young people to hangout.

  2. With this type of world class amphitheater as well as auditoriums in Rabindra Tirtha, I think HIDCO should go for online booking of tickets and demand based pricing of them (for at least last 30% of tickets) to make the maintenance self-sustainable

  3. Thank you Sir. Bengali Anglers are finally going to get a chance to wet lines in the water of eco Park. One request Sir, please make it catch and release only. Fish population in the waters of Bengal is being reduced alarmingly due to unethical methods used by some fake anglers. I can provide all the help needed and guidance if required.

    Ayan Mukherjee
    Member - All India Game Fishing Association
    Bong Anglers
    Bengal Fishing Association

    1. Good input, Ayan Mukherjee. Perhaps we could talk some day soon?

    2. Sure Sir, anytime. My number - 8902465471. I work nearby in action area 1 IBM. Fair and environment friendly angling can only be achieved by enforcing catch and release. Otherwise, people will try n use all sorts of things to pile up in the kitchen sink leaving negative impact on fish population. One more request Sir. Day fishing permit charge should be less for senior citizens. Regards