Sunday, June 22, 2014

15-18 July : Lottery for New Town Shops and Markets

Yesterday, the NKDA held its Board Meeting. Among the decisions made was the one relating to holding of lottery of the shops / stalls of three markets for which applications were invited till 15th May 2014. For the 101 shops / stalls, there were 1,881 applications. The schedule approved by the Board was as follows:

All lottery would be done in Rabindra Tirtha from 11 am onwards daily.

15th July 2014 (Tuesday) : For S1 to s46
16th July 2014 (Wednesday): For S 47 (This is a stall for ATM counter for which the largest number of applications have been made, hence one day is earmarked only for this stall allotment)
17th July 2014 (Thursday): For S48 to S73
18th July 2014 (Friday) : For S74 to S101 and 9 of Aahrini

Applicants would be informed and notices would be published on the web and in print media.

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Here is a clipping from today's Khabar 365:

And here is one which appeared in Khabar 365 few days ago:

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