Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three projects

Writing this from Delhi. Attended meeting of Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee at Ministry of UD, Govt of India, Nirman Bhavan. Khalil Ahmed, Commissioner KMC also attended with me. The three projects approved are as follows:-

1. Renewal of Tala Tank.
The Tala Tank is an iconic structure in North Kolkata (I know since in my school days, I stayed close by). It has a capacity of 41 million litres (9 mgd). It is more than a 100 years old, commissioned in 1911, but is still providing service to an estimated 36 lakh population. Its area is 98m x 98m, depth is 5.5m. Due to ageing, some deformation is happening, some leakages are also noticed. Even today at CSMC, technical experts termed this as a unique project. The approved project cost is Rs. 67.81 crores. Project will be executed by KMC.

2. Uluberia Water Supply Scheme
Earlier, under JnNURM, a 10 mgd water treatment plant was commissioned at Uluberia. This however was not sufficient to meet the local demand. To increase its capacity to 18 mgd, this project was posed under JnNURM. Project cost is Rs 46 crores. The implementing agency will be KMWSAA.

3. Solid Waste Management with Compactors
This project is based on the experience gained in a pilot project using 16 compactors. The present project envisages 163 stationary compactors and 200 movable compactors. There will be a compost plants, transfer stations and modern mechanical transporters. The project will use 20 acres of land in New Town that has been recently earmarked for the project. KMC will implement. Project Cost is Rs. 153 crores.


  1. For JNNURM 1 Bengal were well behind to submit DPR. Take an example of Gujarat. 90-95% projects of Gujarat were approved on or before 2009 and hence now they have completed 51 projects out of 71 projects while for Bengal 60-65% projects were got approved on or before that time and only 17 projects out of 66 has been completed by jan 21, 2014 as data shown in JNNURM web. Now good to see lot of projects are getting approved by center this time. Kudos for that...

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    2. Shubhashis, perhaps this happened less because of project officials and more for the funds not arriving in time ( both from Centre and State Govts) and also because State Govt could not handover the land in time.

  2. Nice to know about these new projects - especially the Tala tank - which is a landmark of the area.

    Can JNNURM funds be used to revamp the sewerage system around the banks of Keshtopur / Bagjola canals and clean-up / beautify the canals to make them suitable for water transport. Maybe we can draw some inspiration from Koyoto on this - http://goo.gl/j0JuC3

    1. Just went to the link. Very nice picture of Koyoto

  3. Dear Sir,
    I want to draw your attention on the recent planning on the Amritsar-Kolkata Industrial Corridor in the line of DMIC. After Independence Durgapur was build as an Industrial town. Now Asansol-Durgapur belt is the second biggest urban area in Bengal. Govt. is now planning different Industrial parks in Ragunathpur, Purulia. Many new factories are comming up in this region. As Raghunathpur is
    close proximity of
    1. natural resorces like coal, Iron and other meterials
    2. water from Panchet.
    3.well connected with rail network (Adra junction).
    4.Close to NH-2
    5.Ports are not far appart. etc
    it has a potential to become a new smart Industrial city even better than Durgapur if properly planned.
    It can be size of 200+ sq k.m area with
    1.Industrial zone - 30%
    2.Residential zone- 25%
    3. Institutional, utilities, commercial -15%
    4. Rail and roads-15%
    5 Parks + green zone - 15%
    All can be done by phases.
    But is there any plan to develop this region as SIR under Amritsar-Kolkata Industrial corridor?


  4. Sir,

    Frankly speaking I think all of us ( your regular blog readers) expected more approvals from Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee at Ministry of UD, Govt of India. Other than the Garden Reach flyover, not a single flyover is there in the approval list.
    The expectation was also because of your excellent history of bagging funds for Bengal. Perhaps elections and restrictions from Ministry of Finance, Govt of India and our slow project execution has played a part.

    A few months back we debated about putting 6-8 feet high barricades in around project sites ( flyovers, roads etc) to reduce dust and you had cited metro construction project in New Town stating that dust has not reduced inspite of barricades.

    I would strongly disagree. This time during my Kolkata visit, I visited New Town as well as VIP Road and EM Byepass. New Town is a heaven if you compare with VIP Road / EM Byepass as far as dust is concerned. ( New Town obviously looks better for many other reasons). Flyover project in VIP Road and never-ending BRTS in EM Byepass + Kamalgazi flover have literally made these roads look like a hell. You need to visit these places to get a feeling how bad they are. Its like going through some sandstorm. Sir, I would request you to get these projects ( at least BRTS) expedited AND also to request the contractors to put up barricades like the way Metro contractors have done.

    Just imagine any visitor / dignitary from 1st world visiting South Kolkata would feel once he crosses Science City after EM Byepass. Entire EM Byepass is filled up with illegal parking, mud and raw soil beside roads and sandstorm like situations. RKM Narendrapur alone receives so many foreign visitors plus there are thousands who either take Gariahat or Anwar Shah Connector.