Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bio-Metric in UD from 2014-15

The Nagarayan Building housing UD Department just got a facelift. This was long overdue: we had to delay it since floors were being added at the top. The four floored building now has two more: the latest, the 6th floor, houses the offices of the State Programme Management Group dealing with the National Ganga River Basin Project as well as a video conference room. The colour scheme was decided by us using computer simulation. Here is the freshly painted building's photo taken this afternoon:

Urban Development Department, Salt Lake
There is a notice affixed in a corner window of the ground floor:

Notice declaring introduction of bio-metric
attendance for all from 1st April 2014
The notice declares the abolition of the manual attendance registers from 1st April 2014 for the UD Department. All concerned - from Principal Secretary to the Group D staff - will have to record attendance in machines such as the following:
Bio Metric Attendance:
Only fingerprint required
In Hidco / NKDA, this method of recording attendance was started one to two years ago. Now the department will also follow.


  1. What HIDCO Chairman thought yesterday, UD thinks today. What UD thinks today, Nabanna will think tomorrow -:)

  2. Cabling (casing) should to be done to give it more asthetic look as well as for security of the system.

  3. Yes, I agree. I will tell the engineers.