Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sech Bhavan Renamed

In Sech Bhavan at Salt Lake, the offices of Special Engineer UD, Administrator UD and Chief Engineering Officer UD are housed. On a request from the Irrigation Department, a notification has been issued vide no. 7062-UD dated 17.12.2013 in which this building has been renamed as Nirman Bhavan. Irrigation Department, on its part, is renaming its Jalasampad Bhavan as New Sech Bhavan.
    The same notification renames KMDA's Prasashan Bhavan near City Centre as "Pouro Bhavan" while Bhidhanagar Municipality's Building now called Pouro Bhavan has been renamed as Bidhannagar Pouro Sabha
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Writing this from the balcony of Artist's Cottage in Eco Park. Made urgent discussions with senior engineers and officers of Hidco and NKDA and visited Eco Island and Tea Garden sites. Photos:

Outward view from my camp at Artist's Cottage.
View of Eco Park from Eco Island:
Eco Island is a 7 acre uninhabited island, without a bridge
Finance Centre on other side of MAR in rearground
Multi-purpose hall on Eco Island

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Here s a cutting from today's Anandabazar:

Two clippings from today's Khabar 365:


  1. Thanks for the tremendous work that HIDCO under your supervision has been able to achieve under your supervision. Its indeed amazing to see the quantum of work done in Eco Park in last 2 years.

    One point I would like to bring to your notice related to the JNNURM Projects. In my last Kolkata visit, I noticed some progress related to BRTS project in EM Byepass after a long time between Ruby Hospital and EM Byepass. Thanks for resuming work. I am hearing about this project since last 5-6 years.

    However because of road expansion work associated with BRTS in EMByepass, this stretch has become really polluted and that is solely because no barricading has been done for the road expansion work. Metro contractors do the barricading whenever they work. Even in Kamalgazi flyover project area, the contractor has put proper 6 feet height barricades to stop dust pollution in nearby areas, I would request you to take up this with the agency doing the BRTS work . This is a very simple thing that can be done to reduce the dust substantially.

  2. 6 ft tin barricades are not preventing any dust in New Town

    1. Sir, I beg to disagree with you on this. New Town is perhaps 100 times more clean than the current state of EM Byepass. You may visit the EM Byepass stretch where BRTS work is going on in full steam. This looks like a hell.

      I agree that 6 ft tin barricade may not be enough to prevent the dust but that reduces dust to a substantial extent. Its like questioning that when its raining cats and dogs, do we need to carry an umbrella when we move out? Umbrella may not prevent us from getting wet but still it saves a lot from getting drenched.

  3. Sir,
    Eco Park is very nicely done but it needs to be marketed well.
    Hope to see more good news in 2014 about Finance center, WTC tower, Medical college and other planned development projects.

    Wish you Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year 2014.