Sunday, December 1, 2013

Robotic Dinosaurs in Rain Forest

Last week, I met Mr S.Kumar, Director, National Council of Science Musuem at Nagarayan and talked about the possibility of setting up a Science Park in Eco Park. He readily agreed and we decided to get into the planning stage in January. I also requested him to suggest if we could do something in December itself.

Next day, Arijit Sanyal, GM-III met him at his office and worked out the details. Later we decided that a set of six robotic dinosaurs was ready for being despatched to Dehra Doon. At our request, Mr Kumar has agreed to divert this set to us. These will be set up in the Rain Forest area where we are setting up a Wild Life Lovers' Zone.
* * *
In Rabindra Tirtha today, a group of 60 senior citizens spent an enjoyable day enjoying the garden, the home-like food of SHG women, a short film on Tagore and the evening cultural function. The organisers thanked us profusely as the seniors' had a wonderful day out.

New Terracota Themes in Rabindra Tirtha
* * *
Yesterday MIC(UD) toured Eco Park to see the preparedness for 27th December event

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