Sunday, December 29, 2013

New UIG Schemes

I recently had a review meeting on newly sanctioned UIG (Urban Infrastructure and Governance) Projects under JnNURM. The list is as follows:

- Elevated road between Jinjira Bazar and Batanagar: Project Cost Rs. 256 cr
- Water Supply for Bhadreswar Municipality: Rs 89 cr
- Storm Water Drainage for Baruipur: Rs 64 cr
- Sortm Water Drainage for Rishra: Rs 51 cr
- Storm Water Drainage for South Dum Dum Municipality: Rs. 66 cr

Tenders will be invited shortly for all of these.
* * *
At Biswa Bangla Haat, there was a good crowd. People happily shopped and stocks in few food stalls were exhausted by early evening. In the first day itself, a sale of over a lakh of rupees was reported by officials. A photo:
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Here are two cuttings from today's papers:
Anandabazar dt 29 Dec 2013

Sanbad Pratidin dt 29 Dec 2013


  1. I am a resident of P S Ixora, Ghuni and I have two very serious concerns which had highlighted by my fellow residents earlier also but no action is visible yet.

    1. A bridge over the canal that wide that two cars can pass over it.

    2. Street Light along Adarshapally Road.

    Needless to say, how much it would contribute to our safety, security and convenience.

    If you would like to meet us to understand our problems better, please do so, we would be glad to put forth the long neglected issues.

    If you have already started planning on this, please give us a timeline to fix both these issues.


  2. Sir,
    Request you to kindly initiate undrepass project along MAR. Following are the locations where underpass will be very useful.
    1. At Nazrul thirtha / DLF
    2. Eco Park
    3. Rabindra Tirtha / HIDCO Bhavan
    4. CC2

    This will be a big help to pedestrians crossing the MAR and traffic movement.

    1. Sir, Please include 2nd Mar also in this list. thanks.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Wish you happy new year and you have lead the HIDCO team in impeccable way in year 2012/2013.We are proud of you and often mention or refer your work as IAS
    during discussion with friends/ colleagues.
    I agree with Anjan's Suggestion on all points and believe underpass near ECO park/Biswa Bangla haat is absolutely necessary now.After KMOMA starts operating it would be impossible to control crowd.

    Bidyut Sarkar

  4. We are relooking at the underpass issue

    1. I strongly second Anjan's suggestions. Also I would like to mention a point. Its the duty of the administration that the underpasses are used and not left unused. The underpass near Science City remains under lock and key most of the time.

      We should have a system of penalty if somebody is not using underpass (say a penalty of Rs.50) so that people can be disciplined. We should not have any inhibition related to collecting fines to ensure proper behavior. This is pretty common in western countries as well as in Asian hotspots like Singapore.

  5. Hello Sir, Wish you a happy new year. I am very much concern to know about the proposed six lane from Akankha more to Madhyamgram which is still half done. It should complete long back. Even, it is still showing in HRBC website - Current project list. Earlier I heard that the work was stopped due to some objection by local village man , but it was on 2010, long back. Could you please share the status for me.

  6. Sir, Wish you a happy new year.