Friday, December 20, 2013

CM reviews progress

Today morning, in the Town Hall, Hon'ble Chief Minister reviewed the progress of plan projects and development. The Urban Development Department, with a financial achievement of 88% was among the top performers. a photo on my mobile:

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The Fruit Garden was completed today. It has 300 trees with about 63 varieties of fruit tress ranging from mango to grapes. Spread on a 3 acre plot near the Rose Garden, the idea of a Fruit Garden was to attract birds and make city children see how trees bear different kinds of fruits A picture taken today afternoon at the Eco Park:
Sunset Point (on the right)  in Fruit Garden
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Salkia Flyover
A long time ago, in the year 2006, Rs 15 crore was allotted for acquiring land for Salkia Flyover, at Salkia Chowrasta, at the crossing of Benaras Road/ Sri Aurobindo Road and G T Road in Howrah. It is a very congested traffic crossing and requires very difficult engineering skills. I remember visiting the spot years ago and I remember the thought that it would be great to have a grade separated flyover there. Now a new Project Report has been made by HIT through BESU. Because working space is very limited, they have recommended use of steel girders so that setting up is faster.This was posed to the State Planning Board recently, who after two sittings cleared it. Now, after getting the concurrence of the Finance Department, a project cost of Rs 68 crores have just been approved and a sum of Rs. 4.43 crores is being released by UD Department shortly.
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Here is a clipping from yesterday's Times of India:


  1. Kudos for achieving one of the top performing departments.

    It is true Howrah is facing a lot in in terms of traffic Jam. Salkia flyover is an good initiative for betterment of traffic in that busy junction. But Howrah needs some metro network to ease its traffic load from its narrow roads.

    one possible route is Shalimer-Howrah maidan-Beur Math under G.T.road as G.T. Road is very narrow to build elevated metro track. Possible metro depo can be made at Belur Scrap yard beside Belur math station.

    This metro can be extended to south to Satragachi via Kona Expressway by an elevated stretch.
    & north by an underground streach to the Dakhineswar
    and east to Dankuni via Belur station by an elevated stretch.

    So before making one flyover please integrate it with metro, so that if metro have been built then this flyover should not be a problem to construct metro.


  2. The East West Metro will touch Howrah

    1. But East west metro will terminate at Howrah maidan. So commuters need to travel to howrah maidan to catch the metro for their visit to kolkata.

      Now I am talking about one route (10 k.m) that passes under G.T Road from Salimer, a potential rail terminal to Belur math connecting howrah maidan. This can make a 60-90min journey to comfortable 18-20 min only.

      railway already have vacant land in scrap yard Belur. Depo can be constructed there.

      this stretch can be extended further to
      1. Santragachi (5 k.m via mandirtala)-potential rail terminal
      2.dakineswar(3 k.m)- will make one loop to Noapara.
      3. Dankuni (9k.m)-Future townships and potential to make a new rail terminal of 16-18 platforms that can serve both eastern and southeastern railway.