Wednesday, December 25, 2013

BSUP completion time extended by Central Government

In terms of a notification issued by the Government of India in the Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation, vide notification number N.11027/3/2012, the period of completion of projects sanctioned till March 2012 under Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP) component of JnNURM has been extended by one year upto 2014-15 ie till 31st March 2013. Under BSUP, d.welling units of area 30 sq metres are constructed with attendant infrastructure in slum areas. So far, 73,000 dwelling units have been completed in West Bengal under BSUP. The extended period will help us, and all the states of India, to complete many other units.
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Few photos:
What is special about this garden? See the next photo.
Vertical Garden at new formal garden to be inaugurated on 27 Dec:
Far background: Biswa Bangla Haat 

Masks in Traffic Intersection:
Crossing of Major Airport Road and Banglar Hat Road 787

Mechanical Sweeping in Eco Park this morning

We got two more Eco Carts in Eco Park yesterday:
Total 4 carts now


  1. As far as BSUP projects are concerned, I think we have miles to go with 20 Lakh+ slum dwellers in Kolkata. Till now I am yet to see any major slum rehabilitation projects in Kolkata other than those traditional ones in Mahishbathan, Panihati etc

    Thane near Mumbai seems to progressing well...

  2. Sir,I had dropped by Eco Park yesterday and was really overwhelmed at the large number of people thronging the place and spending a lovely time. However, in my visit I couldn't but ignore certain shortcomings would like you to suggest on it.
    1. There should me more Toilet facilities in the Park.
    2. I understand that New Year or Christmas are exceptional days of high crowd turnout, but it would be great if better enforcement it provided on these days, as I saw places strewn with Paper Plates, people recklessly stamping on saplings, etc.
    3. It would be great if a provision of pedestrian subway/ underpass or footbridge is created on MAR opposite Gate no.1 and 2 of Eco Park for safer road crossings. This can later be extended to the Metro Stations once built.

    Apart of these I really felt the vibe of the place positive and merry. Kudos to the efforts and initiative in gifting the city a state of art Public Park to be proud of..!