Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twin Towers in Financial Hub, Kolkata

In yesterday's Board meeting of Hidco, it was decided that a global bid would be invited for designing & building a Twin-Tower iconic building in a 1.6 hectare plot of the Financial Hub. BUIDL (a joint venture company of ILF&S and Govt of West Bengal) will make the bid documents. Here is what Times of India wrote today:

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Here is a link to Business Line on Digha Ropeway:


  1. fantastic news - hope this becomes a reality soon!!!

  2. Impressive of course.
    But "iconic twin towers" and just 20 floors? i know that does not make a difference or hold any significance, but when our own Indian cities like Mumbai is looking at 100 floor mark, we still think not more than 20. Why cant we make a real skyscraper and then charge tourists for having an aerial view of Kolkata's new Business district on similar lines of Rockefellar or Empire State in New York?

  3. The airport is too near. There is a flight path and air "funnel" that restricts height of buildings in New Town. The maximum clearance accorded by Airport Authorities will be achieved

  4. I really admire how these guys can do it and we can't. The picture shows the runway of London city airport just beside canary wharf, London's second financial district -

  5. Sir, I would appreciate if you can enlighten us on whether the EOI for the ICONIC TOWER, the submission date for which was 4th Dec, is through.We could not participate on the scheduled dates inspite of having all the credentials, if there is a scope of re-tendering of this project, please do let me know in this forum or may mail me at