Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bengal Calling

Today's Telegraph mentions of the Assocham Initiative BENGAL CALLING led by Union FM, to be held this Sunday. Here is the link:
Here is a small cliiping from the article:
I plan to talk about the Financial Hub when I can.
* * *
Here is a picture that appeared in yesterday's Telegraph Metro Booklet:


  1. That's good news. Hope this initiative will be able to attract more companies to the Financial Hub.

    How has the response been so far ?

  2. So far as per the newspapers i only see names of SBI, Allahabad bank, and calcutta stock exchange. Can we hope to see foreign banks and insurance majors here?

  3. In Assocham's "Bengal Calling" at the Park yesterday, I made a presentation on the Financial Hub and Finance Centre. I met several people including Regional Manager of NASSCOM, Country Head of Yes Bank, Regional Manager of European Business and Technology Centre, CEO of Mani Group and others.