Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rabindra Tirtha Kendra : Progress

I inspected the site of Rabindra Tirtha Kendra today. There was a Supervisor with whom I talked. There was quite a progress but I told General Manager (E) that more machines may be allocated. Here is a picture with my office in background:

In the morning, I, alongwith GM(E) Mr Arijit Sanyal met Mr Jogen Chowdhury, painter, to seek his advice on whom to contact for Rabindranath's statue. Here is a picture with him at his residence taken today morning:


  1. sir even on sunday you dont take rest,
    great example for people,

  2. all credits goes to your family for being supportive and understanding to your work profile. you could be at the comfort of your home rather than being among dust and dirt inspecting sites on a beautiful sunday morning.
    i understand this because even i have a family like yours