Friday, March 25, 2011

Salt Lake Plot Lottery Application After Elections

I'd mentioned in an earlier post that we'd referred the matter of Salt Lake Lottery to the Election Commission. I received their decision yesterday. The Commission has directed that the matter may be deferred till completion of the elections in the state.
So we are not proceeding in the matter now.
Here is a link that leads to a story in today's Bartamaan:


  1. sir, just wanted to know whether fresh publication inviting application will be made or the old applications only will be considered? i would request to consider the issue as many people like me could not apply and missed the opportunity...sudipto biswas, salt lake

  2. No applications were invited. When the issue is examined after the elections, fresh applications willbe invited

  3. Sir, could you please tell me when can I apply for a plot in saltlake ?