Saturday, March 5, 2011


Recently, I am again receiving some queries from Development Authorities as to whether they should go for e-tendering or not.
In June 2010, there was a meeting of all Development Authorities where it was recorded that all must introduce e-Tendering procedures using NIC software or otherwise as soon as possible. This was to bring in transparency and wider participation from bidders.
Subsequently, the Information & Cultural Affairs Department issued a GO stating that copy of tenders must be sent in hard and soft forms to them by email.
KMDA has already made some good progress.
I would urge all Authorities concerned to switch to e-tender norms as soon as possible.


  1. Respected Sir , e -tendering is badly needed to maintain transparency. As I am not well aware on details of related software, i)the fulfilment of eligibility criteria of contractor / agency on the respective scope of works. ii)there is no empanelled contractors like pwd , cpwd , pwd , iol , etc. iii)if require to lower down the quoted rates , any bidding process iv)further requirement of tender committee v)security.
    Sir, recently I used to read your blog , and understood that you have an expertise on any ppp model.

    sir , Iam working under your deptt. HIT , since 1981 , leaving job of a multinational company with lower remuneration, only to be engaged with Vidyasagar Setu project.In 1986 ,I did my Masters from BESUS . after completion of this project , HIT has no major job to utilise a good numbers of experienced & knowledgable Engineers , when we said ' we are the best' in eastern prt of India.Sir it is fact and that was subdued due to authority's work culture and motivation and We still in the cloud ,sir , even you are not aware of facts.
    KMDA is floating tender for DPR on different fly-over projects , however till today the resudual part of hit engineers can do the work more realistically .

    Sir , HIT has taken the work of a stadium cum residential& commercial complex at Howrah , as per your direction , we have selected 'BUIDL' and Sri Kalyan Roy , Sri Tushar Mitra are the members of our PPP committee, BUIDL has submitted DPR / RFQ AND RFP. Sir if you don't mind may we send a copy for your guidance as HIT is going to execute first time on ppp.

    Sir , as there is no grant of pension from Govt. , Hit is maintaining till date from own resources and throgh LICI , we have to place further Rs 60/70 crores to LICI phase-wise to maintain smoothly. Our earnest request to look after us and advice time to time or visit once in a quarter to boost up to follow your vision.

    Sir , excuse me , if I am wrong to approach you beyond our official position.

    Deputy Chief Engineer , HIT.

  2. Mr Chatterjee, let us talk.
    Fix up a day/date by speaking on 2334-9394

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