Saturday, April 29, 2017

Convention Centre ReviewAsian Age dt 29 April 2017

We are now trying to project New Town Kolkata as an Exhibition and Convention centre of South Asia. We had a review meeting yesterday at Hidco Bhavan with officers of Hidco, NKDA, L&T and other agencies. I mentioned that a large number of exhibitions and conventions have been taking place in New Town Kolkata. Few segments where this zone has already been considered a preferred destination are as follows:-

1. Mining equipment exhibition. Heavy equipment cannot be taken in interior and central part of Kolkata due to height and weight restrictions .( CII 2016, Eco Park grounds, Indian Foundry Association )

2. Entertainment including musical shows. Huge number of youths prefer to come from across India / North-East India and it is easy to reach from the Airport. The NH7 band was held in an area on the borders of New Town. Zee Saregama finals and Sunburn Music Event with Snake DJ was held on grounds near Eco Park. There are large concrete/ paved flat grounds with all amenities like electricity, water, and most important, sanitation and sewer lines with existing workers’ toilets.

3. Professional and medical/ sports conferences. There is a tremendous demand for national and international conventions. The 400 seater NajrulTirtha has hosted National Cancer Symposium, Taekwondo Summit and Body Building shows. There are two additional 400 seater auditoria collocated in the State Convention Centre site, soon to be commissioned.

4. Largest convention centre in Asia. With 3,200 seats in single auditorium, this is the largest single indoor convention area available with a huge stage, banquet hall, seminar rooms pre-function area multi-level car parking and 100 room collocated hotel with all amenities. Advance  bookings till 2019 are already being received even though the target completion date is on second half of 2017. Nearness to 480-acre Eco Park is an additional attraction for participants.

5. Large tract of open-to-sky grounds available in New Town for hanger-based massive expos, without traffic congestion and close to airport.Large number of hotels including the largest 5-star hotel of Kolkata (Novotel) as well as other hotels would give delegates additional choices. A business club, a dedicated movie theatre (NazrulTirtha) for special screenings and a 250 yard golf driving range add to the attractions.

In view of all these, I argued, we must carve out a strategy to project New Town as a Exposition and Convention destination.
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Friday, April 28, 2017

World Urban Parks Week

World Urban Parks is an organization for open space and recreation having its office in New Zealand. It champions urban park outcomes for city liveability, place-making, conservation and access, and provides strong networking services by connecting, leveraging and supporting diverse countries across urban parks, open space and recreation community and allied sectors. They are a community wanting to make a better world and who are ready to help each other.
Eco Park, New Town, Kolkata is the only park from India to have been accommodated in the World Parks Week event on 29th April, to 7th May, 2017. The organization has mentioned that Eco Park is a fine example of a large urban park in India. It has also extended an invitation to WBHIDCO to join the World Urban Parks standing committee.
WBHIDCO is going to celebrate World Parks Week which will be stated from 29th April, 2017 to 7th May, 2017, the events are as follows, all of which will be held in Eco Park.

Around 400 participants are expected to take part in this event. All applications have been made on-line. Winner of every event will get trophies and participation certificates. Prize distribution ceremony will be held on 7th May, 2017 followed by a performance by award wining singers of the World Park Week cultural competition and a cultural function including RAP performance by Feyago.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mechanical Street Cleaning

Yesterday, we launched a new mechanical road sweeping machine in New Town. The machine has the capability of spraying a forced water-jet, scrubbing by a rotating brush with steel bristles, a powerful vacuum suction head and an extendable side arm to take care of the curb-joints and difficult-to-reach corners. We from NKDA have been using these machines on the Major Arterial Road (Biswa Banga Sarani) for the past two years and after fitting these with GPS locators we are satisfied with the performance and have got this new one. This is to extend mechanical road sweeping not only to the Major Roads but also to a major portion of the internal roads. NKDA is not the owner of these machines as operations and maintenance would have been problematical for it. So just as offices often hire cars-with-drivers, NKDA hires the services rather than the equipment. Machinery, or rather sweeping uptime is thus almost 95% because the agency-operator don't get paid if it doesn't clean while the GPS tracker keeps record on the computer of how and where the cleaning operations are going every hour of the day.
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Food Court by Self Help Group

Near Eco Space

First floor will be used as a food court. Ground floor will be used as a Pay-and-Use Toilet. Both will be operated by a Self-Help Group of women from neighbouring villages who were also given a short training on Business Management by Alia University a few weeks ago. Now we will wait to see if at least few of the unauthorised food shops on pavements opposite Eco Space get a run for their money or not.
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Simple weedicide

Dying Parthenium Weeds in Action Area 1
Parthenium plants are undesirable, hard-to-eradicate weeds that grow wildly in many parts of empty plots of New Town. The traditional method of getting rid of this menace is to uproot and burn. This is a slow labour intensive method that creates smoke pollution too. I'd asked the Director of Agriculture about better ideas. As advised by him, we used a 5% brine solution (basically salt water) and sprayed it over a 5 acre plot near the bus stand of Action Area 1. Soon (see pic above) after three days, the plants are beginning to die. We will monitor further before expanding.

We are simultaneously drawing up a plan for residents' participation in keeping New Town greens beautiful. Any area in front of a housing estate or a business house will be offered for beatification and maintenance from the CSR of Corporates or Social Budgets of Resident Welfare Associations. A list of gardening firms who work in the neighbourhood would be provided on request in a meeting (to be called soon).
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Smart Vertical Garden Commissioned

At Gate 2, Eco Park

The vertical garden at Gate 2 of Eco Park was commissioned today. This is smart because it uses geotextile pockets, jute fibre instead of soil, controlled drip irrigation through a pipe network and sensors to sense humidity from control room and operate the pump as required. Vertical gardens such as this is useful in making cities have a greener look by greening concrete structures, both indoors and outdoors, and metro pillars or office receptions.
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Dainik Statesman dt 22 April 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Earth Day at Sector 5

Photo courtesy Nirupam Chowdhury
At Sector 5's Godrej Infinity Benchmark, Earth Day was observed. Well performing corporates were felicitated. Even I accepted a prize on behalf of Nabadiganta.
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